October 11, 2018
Workout Advice

How to Stay Motivated at the Gym

We know it can be hard to fit the gym into busy schedules, especially with winter lurking just around the corner. However, experts currently recommend to get in at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, which in reality most of us aren’t. So here are our tried and tested ways to keep up your motivation all year round!

1. Exercise With a Friend Who Won’t Let You Quit

Working out with a friend can be a great way to boost your morale and motivation, especially if you’ve been on an exercise hiatus. Make sure you pick a friend who’s equally motivated or if possible more so, this will help you keep up the momentum. Add a bit of competition to your workouts, and you ’ll never miss a scheduled workout.

2. Set Yourself a Goal

It’s much easier to stay motivated if you’re working towards something. Maybe you’ve just started running on the treadmill; your first goal might be to hit the 5k mark. Every time you’re about to give up imagine how good it’s going to feel once you get there and trust us by the time you make it to the 5k mark you’ll be pushing for 10!

3. Change Your Perspective

Don’t make your fitness goals all about how good you’re going to look. Sure that’s a great incentive to any fitness regime, everyone loves the idea of having killer abs and a great “booty”, but if you focus too much on this aspect, you’re inevitably going to be disappointed. We all know that a transformation doesn’t happen overnight so instead focus on how you feel. Like how much energy you have after an early morning workout or how calm you feel after a yoga class. And while you’re at it, stop being so hard on yourself, pat yourself on the back for trying to stay motivated at all!

4. Mix it Up

One of the biggest killers of motivation is your routine becoming tired or stagnant. Make sure to try all different sorts of exercises and sign up for different classes such as Pilates, yoga or if you’re brave Body Pump. Our gym has so many great classes that offer a welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere.

5. Join the Right Gym

Make sure whichever gym you choose it has the equipment, atmosphere and classes that you need. Be honest with yourself about what you want and the right environment you’ll feel comfortable in.

Our gym has the latest equipment highly trained personal trainers and classes to suit anyone, but we also have a supportive and collaborative environment that makes it feel more like a community.

Click here to sign up, and we’ll see you there!