October 11, 2018

Suprising Benefits of a Sauna and Steam Room

The Ian Thorpe Aquatic and Fitness Centre’s luxurious sauna, steam room and spa, prove once and for all that spa days are not just for the Finnish.
With their many health advantages, saunas and steam rooms have become a natural way of helping treat a range of major and minor medical conditions. If you’re curious or haven’t tried one yet, these benefits will soon convince you.

Decrease Soreness After a Workout

So you wake up two days after a particularly challenging leg day and find you have to crawl up your stairs, we’ve all been there! But thankfully new studies have shown that saunas can help decrease this unpleasant experience.
If you suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness or (DOMS) research, suggest that sitting in a sauna or steam room for up to 30 minutes can boost blood circulation which will lead to better workout recovery.
It is, however important to remember that you need to rehydrate even more after.

Decrease Stress Levels

For anyone that’s experienced a sauna or steam room, they’ll know this to be true. The warm, quiet and enclosed nature of these facilities will immediately relax you, and soon the stress will be melting off you, quite literally. While sitting in a sauna or steam room you genuinely have to be in the moment, without your phone or any other distractions.

Strengthen your Heart

A recent study concluded that men and women’s heart rates increased as much as they would have if they were performing a medium-intensity exercise like jogging, cycling, or hiking as when they are in the sauna.
This information is backed up by many studies in Finland that show that regular use of saunas can help reduce the risk of early death from heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.
These findings don’t mean that you should skip out on your workout, however, combine the two helps promote overall health and wellbeing.

Improve your Immunity

As we enter into cold and flu season, an improved immunity is a major advantage. Although sitting in the sauna doesn’t mean you can skip out on your flu shot; recent studies shave shown that regular exposure can build a stronger immune system.

Clears the Skin and Removes Toxins

The heat from sauna and steam rooms makes your body sweat. Sweating relieves the body of waste products, and it is known that sitting in a sauna or steam room can help rid the body of the day’s toxins.
The ridding of toxins, in turn, helps to clear skin impurities and can potentially be used to treat acne. It also helps to improve circulation throughout the body which can give the skin a healthy glow making your skin look and feel great.
So, now that we’ve convinced you of the amazing benefits come down to Ian Thorpe Aquatic and Fitness Centre for a relaxing post-swim or workout experience. We are fully equipped with a sauna (dry heat), which is heated to between 70°C – 90°C and a steam room (wet heat) heated above 41°C with a humidity of around 100%. The sauna and steam room are open from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm. If you have not experienced our Spa, Steam Room or Sauna you are most definitely missing out! Sign up here now.  
*Multipass is valid for ten visits to either the spa, steam room or sauna. Usually $132.30 for an adult and $99.20 Concession.