How to Choose a Great Swim School
February 4, 2019

How to Choose a Great Swim School

So you’ve decided that it’s time to sign your child up for swimming and water safety lessons?

At Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, we know that the decision of choosing a great swim school and where to start can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve compiled five essentials that make a great swim school for your child to learn and have fun!

Progressive Levels

Swimming lessons aren’t just for children, our programs cater to infants with their parents, preschoolers, primary school-aged children and adults. So anyone can learn to swim!

The classes progress at stages appropriate to your child’s age, development and ability. Infants move up stages based on their age and physical development. Whilst, preschool and primary students change classes based on their personal comfort, confidence and competence. Student learning assessment is a continual and ongoing process throughout the year to monitor this progression.

Qualified and Friendly Swim School Staff

Our teachers are friendly and approachable and trained specifically to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We really want to meet your family’s individual needs, answer your questions and address your concerns. Importantly our classes are lead by fully trained, accredited, licensed and insured teachers, so you can relax and enjoy the moment as your child learns a lifelong skill.

Friendly and Approachable Environment

Swim School needs to be a place that is welcoming. It is not just our swimming teachers who are friendly and approachable, but our whole staff. When you join Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre you’re not only joining an aquatic and fitness centre but also a community.

Engaging Activity-Based Lessons

Traditional swimming lessons are often command centred lessons that involve continual and let’s face it, boring laps. Here at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, we’ve changed our curriculum to integrate fun, activity-based lessons that prove significantly more effective in engaging students and encouraging their personal best.

The curriculum spans seven areas of learning, each containing educational elements that are designed to enhance student development and to base the learning in real-world settings.

The areas of the curriculum include:

  • Entries and Exits
  • Floating and Sculling
  • Movement, Propulsion and Stroke Development
  • Personal Survival
  • Underwater Skills
  • Rescue and Emergency
  • Water Safety Knowledge

The activity-based elements of the lesson make sure everyone is encouraged to participate fully, as the more time in the water practising, the quicker the learning process.

Our students are empowered to think, discuss and decide through experiential-based learning. We strongly believe individual mentoring and personal guidance coupled with fun challenges work best to ensure our students actively use and enhance their learnt knowledge and skills.  

Essential personal survival and water safety elements are a really important focus for our little ones whilst they are establishing strong and effective swimming techniques.  Ultimately, they will be supported to progress through to our Optus Junior Dolphins Program but before that, we must ensure they have good water safety skills.

Pathway of Learning Program

Once students are accomplished swimmers the lessons shouldn’t end there, instead, they should be encouraged to look to further opportunities that instil a love of swimming in everyday life. We place significance on a pathway of learning and encourage all our students to progress their skills for life.

At Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre you can be sure your child is having fun, with activity-based lessons they are more likely to learn. That’s why we provide a contemporary way of teaching that incorporates fun activities so you don’t have to worry about dragging your kids to swim lessons, because they’ll love going!

Click here to sign up for Swim School! For more information you can contact our friendly team on 02 9518 7220.