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July 16, 2019
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Lorena’s Final Face2Face Session

It’s the last week of Lorena’s Face2Face journey, and she’s feeling the benefits of the five guided sessions.

The Face2Face program is all about assisting our members to achieve what they want, and we do this by;

  • Building a habit
  • Increasing confidence
  • Improving the enjoyment of fitness
  • Increasing knowledge of health and fitness
  • Providing an environment of support and encouragement

All this went a long way to help Lorena achieve her results. Which, in turn, will make sure she keeps at it! F2F is not a gym program; it’s a whole centre program that creates a sense of community. It provides a unique way to assist people as they make health and fitness a priority in their lives.

What is Face2Face?

The Face2Face program comprises of five sessions which include;

Session 1: Personal Profile

This week is all about you! Your goals, needs and benchmarks. We take your measurements and chat with you about what you need. This profile ensures you get the right workout plan to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Session 2: Your Workout
During this session, you will learn how to complete your personalised exercise plan correctly and how to track your progress.

Session 3: Workout Boost
This session involves taking your workouts to the next level! We will fine-tune your technique and intensity levels where needed.

Session 4: Continue Workout
Throughout the Face2Face process, there will be regular check-ups, where we monitor your result and discuss your eating habits. In Face2Face, we don’t do diets, but we discuss healthy eating habits for more sustainable outcomes.

Session 5: Results Review
In this session, you will check your overall progress and revise your workout plan per your new levels of health and fitness.

Session 6: Personal Training
Towards the end of your Face2Face session, you will have the availability to extend your training into VIP Personal Training.

What did Lorena Achieve from the Five Free Sessions?

On completing her Face2Face journey, Lorena is inspired to continue her fitness journey. She is considering starting Personal Training, knowing that she gets along with her Coach. She now has the confidence to know that she can achieve the results she desires. Find out more about Face2Face here.