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July 22, 2019

Why Swimming Lessons are Still Important During Winter

The cold weather has well and truly arrived which means snuggling by the fire and getting away with wearing ugg boots outside! It is also around this time of year when children begin to hang up their swimmers, pool toys and swimming abilities, and leave them until next summer.

There’s a long-standing myth that children shouldn’t continue swimming lessons over winter due to possible illness. However, swimming lessons shouldn’t stop just because the hot weather is over. Maintaining your child’s swimming abilities is just as important in winter as it is in summer. Too often we see children coming back in summer having lost their hard-earned skills and confidence. So, here’s a list of the key reasons to continue your child’s swimming lessons even over winter.

Strengthen their Immune System

Swimming in winter works to strengthen the immune system, so children may be less likely to get sick.

Maintain their Learned Skills and Confidence

Continuing your child’s participation in swimming will help to keep the repetition of skills going so that they won’t struggle getting back into their routine when they return to lessons.

Keep them Progressing With Swim Lessons

Having a break often results in a learning plateau of previously established skills. So, your child may regress over the winter break if they are not actively engaging in water activity.

Keep your Child Healthy

With the colder weather comes a less active lifestyle. Swimming lessons provide your child with a healthy and fun activity to get them out of the house. Meaning fewer video games and more water play!

Set your Child Up for Success

By ensuring your child maintains an active lifestyle through the whole year, you’ll be setting them up with healthy habits they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. So this winter, remember to take into account the benefits of continuing your child swimming lessons throughout the whole year! Practice is key to your child learning this valuable skill for life. Find out more here!