waste bins
August 27, 2019

We’re Introducing New Waste Bins

From Friday 30 August 2019, we’re introducing three new waste bins across our five City of Sydney Fitness and Aquatic Centres. A red, amber and blue waste bin will assist us in separating landfill, recycling and paper waste, respectively.

The purpose of these waste bins is to continue with the City of Sydney’s Environmental & Sustainability 2030 Policy available here. 

By placing the right product into the right waste bin, you’re helping minimise the waste that goes to landfill. You’ll be assisting us in re-cycling the correct waste to the correct collection centres.

To get you ready for the change, we’ve listed everything you need to know, below.

Why is the new service being introduced?

The City of Sydney’s Waste Strategy and Action Plan (2017 – 2030) outlines our zero-waste target by 2030. It will help us respond more effectively to the increasing demand for resources as our residential, worker and visitor populations continue to grow.

What can go in the Red Bin?

The Red Landfill Bin is for anything that can’t be recycled. This includes soft plastics such as plastic shopping bags, cling wrap, chip packets, disposable nappies, food waste, coffee cups, plates, knives and forks available at your centre.

Soft vs hard plastics – do the ‘scrunch test’. If you can scrunch your plastic into a ball easily, it goes into the Red Bin.

What can go in the Amber Bin?

The Amber Recycling Mixed Bin is used for plastic, cans and glass. This includes any pre-packed liquid container available at your centre.

What can go in the Blue Bin?

The Blue Paper Bin is designed to separate paper and cardboard from possible contaminants.

What do I need to do?

It’s simple. Whenever you have rubbish that you need to dispose of, head over to our new waste bins and pop it into the correctly coloured bin. The bins have colour-coded lids and clear graphics that will help you accurately sort waste.

If you have any questions, our friendly staff will be happy to assist.