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December 12, 2019
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Five easy ways to keep fit and healthy over Christmas

1. Pace yourself, don’t restrict yourself

The best way to avoid undoing all your good work during the year is to allow yourself some treats while also keeping that balance.

A balanced approach is much healthier and more sustainable than an ‘off-diet’ versus ‘on-diet’ mindset.

Remember, after Christmas comes Valentines Day and then it’s Easter – there will always be reasons to overindulge. Learn to listen to your body and every week balance mostly healthy with a little bit of less healthy.

2. If you can’t exercise every day, aim for 10,000 steps

Finding time for workouts during the holiday period is often a struggle.

Between Christmas dinners, festive parties and post-lunch naps, many people forget to look after their fitness.

Having a goal of 10,000 steps per day, which can be easily tracked on a Fitbit device, is a great way to keep fit.

3. Use the 80:20 approach 

The 80:20 (80 per cent healthy, 20 per cent ‘fun foods’) approach to your diet shouldn’t fall by the wayside during Christmas.

To avoid feeling guilty after gorging on a big Christmas dinner,  you should keep making healthy choices for all your other meals.

Go back to an 80:20 balance of making healthy choices most of the time, drinking lots of water and finding time to be active.

4. Take post-meal walks

A post-meal walk is a great away to stabilise blood sugar response to food.

Exercise snacks throughout the day is another great way to accumulate exercise and mitigate the negative effects of a sedentary, high-stress lifestyle.

Try one minute of squats, pushups, lunges and bench dips for a satisfying 5-minute exercise snack.

5. Ask for health-related gifts

Asking for – and giving – health and exercise-related gifts is a sure-fire way to get excited about fitness over Christmas.

Health-related gifts could include workout gear, gym memberships or