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Lorena’s Final Face2Face Session

It's the last week of Lorena's Face2Face journey, and she's feeling the benefits of the five guided sessions. The Face2Face program is all about assisting our members to achieve what they want, and we do this by;
  • Building a habit
  • Increasing confidence
  • Improving the enjoyment of fitness
  • Increasing knowledge of health and fitness
  • Providing an environment of support and encouragement
Wellbeing Workout Advice

Lorena’s Second Face2Face Session

Lorena has made it back for her second session! She’s feeling excited to get her exercise program and to make exercise a regular habit! One thing that Lorena has said she has struggled with is,
"Between studying and work, it's really hard to find the time in my busy schedule to keep this a regular practice."  
Lorena will see how this next stage of the program can help her solidify these necessary habits in exercise. (more…)
Wellbeing Workout Advice

Lorena’s First Face2Face Session

Meet Lorena, she is about to step into her first Face2Face session. Lorena, with her busy schedule, juggling work and study, has found it hard to commit to attending the gym regularly. She is planning a trip to Mexico and knowing that she’s going to be spending lots of time on the beach, wants to feel her best. (more…)

SMH Half Marathon Road Closure

Access to the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre car park will be affected on Sunday 19 May so please familiarise yourself with the information below when planning your movements on the day.


Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre Ranks Highly In Royal Life Saving Audit

Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre have achieved their highest ever score in Royal Life Saving’s annual Aquatic Facility Safety Audit, retaining their 5-star rating amongst Aquatic Facilities in NSW.

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A Five Minute Total Leg Workout

So, you've heard that squats, lunges and sumo squats are great lower-body exercises. You're not wrong. However, if done incorrectly these moves can cause serious injury to your knees and hips. That's why we got our Health Club Supervisor Jess Neeley to take you through the correct positioning of these three moves for a quick total leg workout. If you're looking to tighten up your glutes and tone your inner thighs this workout is for you! (more…)