Personal Fitness Program

Personal Fitness Program

Getting started at a fitness club can be a daunting experience. At the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, we believe that every member deserves the right advice and ongoing support to achieve their personal fitness goals.

To enhance our member experience, we offer health and fitness advice upon becoming a member with us through our Face2Face personal fitness program. Face2Face is completely free and is a part of our initiative to ensure we provide the best value services to our new and existing club members.

Through this ongoing support, members are more likely to achieve their goals and see results sooner. Ensuring they’re looking and feeling their best.

What You Can Expect from Face2Face

All new members receive five sessions and meet with one of our highly qualified instructors. Determining your health and personal fitness goals as well as recommending a custom training program, tailored to your individual needs.

To ensure you don't get bored with your specialised fitness program we apply time efficient and effective techniques. 

Face2Face Program Benefits

  • A free program for all full access members
  • Build upon and strengthen your mental, emotional and physical attributes
  • Receive a tailored fitness plan using the latest in scientific methods
  • Free one-on-one nutritional information and eating habits assessment
  • Ongoing support to keep members looking and feeling their best
  • Results are guaranteed!

What Our Members Think

I feel very happy with the results. My trainer was very helpful and supportive. Every step of the program was great. The start wasn’t easy but the end is very good and gratifying. So far my results, I feel stronger and with more energy. I can see that my body is changing and looks more toned than before.

– Natalia V. 28 March 2017

I am really happy with my results! I look and feel better, and I’m more confident at the gym and in general. Motivated to keep working out! I have lost weight, improved my confidence, better eating habits and muscle tone.

– Alana Y. 23 May 2018

I am more confident in exercising in the gym and using the machines correctly. Greater awareness of correct posture when using weights. My fitness, strength and confidence have increased.

– Jenny K. 3 Nov 2017

I feel good. My results have seen an improvement in my knee and back pain, better sleep at night, I have lost 1.2kg of weight and my measurements have all round reduced by 2-3cm and hips by 5.5cm.

– Evelyn B. 9 March 2018

How would you rate your overall experience with Face2Face? A 10/10! I am getting stronger and losing body fat. I am extremely satisfied.

– Ani S. 13 Feb 2017.

Face2Face is such a great program. I truly encourage everyone to join. If you stick to the plan set by your trainer you will get results.

– Ming Ming C. 28 Jan 2017

Overall, I rate the Face2Face program a 10/10. Anton my trainer explains things very clearly and I have much more motivation and better commitment with him by my side.

– Wayne W. 7 Feb 2017.

Fitness Results are Guaranteed

You don't want to waste time or money, you want to see results. That’s why when members commit your results are guaranteed. We take the time to get to know our members, where they are currently at with their fitness goals and where they want to be.

The Face2Face program will ensure you feel confident and competent in your ability to perform your workout. We make sure you get off to the right start and work to keep you motivated all year round. We do this by offering regular progress checks and updates.

Join us at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre to receive the best start to your personal fitness journey with our Face2Face fitness program today!