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Find a personal trainer to suit your health and fitness goals. We have trainers who specialise in a range of personal training areas who can create a personalised fitness program for you. Your personal fitness program will suit your current fitness levels and the goals that you would like to achieve.

We also consider your exercise experience, history and preferred activities. Through consistency and progression, the work with your trainer guarantees that you will reach your goals.

Improve Your Fitness Knowledge

A personal trainer provides members with the most comprehensive support, guidance and more importantly, the best results. Through one on one sessions, our trainers have the ability to ensure their clients feel and move better. Assisting members in their everyday life whilst achieving the fitness goals they have set out to reach.

Not only does it physically have an impact on our members, but this program also helps improve our member's knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Promoting change in their entire lifestyle whether it's within our centre or outside of it.

Why You Should Consider Personal Training

If you're new to fitness or aren't quite sure what to do in the gym. A personal trainer can provide you with the support, direction and fitness knowledge you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. This knowledge will allow you to feel comfortable and confident training in our health club.

Personal training also works too fast track your fitness results whilst keeping you accountable for achieving your health and fitness goals.

It’s also great for members with specific fitness goals such as sport specific training, rehab or members who have specific requirements. Like women with pre or post-natal needs as well as certain health conditions or disabilities.

What You Can Expect from Your Personal Trainer

In each personal training session, you have the full attention of your personal trainer. Your fitness trainer will be 100% focused on assisting you in achieving the correct technique when performing each exercise. Making sure you're training at the right intensity, and following programmed exercises specifically for you and your particular needs. 

Personal Training Features

  • Registered fitness professionals
  • Personalised fitness program
  • Passionate
  • Knowledgeable
  • Committed
  • Experienced

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Our members receive personalised fitness programs tailored to their individual health and fitness requirements to drive results. Get motivated, see results and achieve your fitness goals today!

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