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Consistency is the key

Meet Andre, a 360 member who trains at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre

Thu, 25 Nov 2021,
posted by City of Sydney

If you train in the gym at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre chances are you've seen Andre Frankovits sweating and smiling with his personal trainer.

Andre is 80 years old, passionate about travelling around the world and a great chef! He has been a 360 member for five years, and has never been late to a session with his PT. Exercising and staying consistent is an important aspect of his daily routine.

“In my young age I used to do 40 minutes of cardio and a 1 hour weights session... and I loved wind surfing”, Andre shared. Today he inspires us with his consistency and his healthy lifestyle.

Andre never misses a session with his personal trainer, Sam. They share the same sense of humour, have common interests in history and politics, and love good food. 

We know everyone’s individual fitness journey is different and there are moments where you want to quit.

But Andre never did. When he was 49, he had a realisation that he needed to pay more attention to his body in order to keep it together, he recalls with a smile on his face. 

He sought support from personal trainers and has never looked back.

Andre comes three times a week to the gym and starts his training with a warm-up and cardio. Sam makes sure that Andre follows his training plan, and if and when needed, they adjust it.

He then moves on to resistance training, and his trainer, Sam, confirms he has seen continuous ongoing improvement in his technique and strength.

The only health condition that Andre keeps an eye on is his blood pressure. His trainer makes sure it is optimal during their regular sessions. If something needs further attention, he will consult with a physio or a specialist, and then work with Sam to adjust the training routine. 

Andre always finishes his session with a good stretch and smile on his face.

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