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How Maryam found her happy place

Our next story introduces Maryam who says nothing makes her more happy than moving and grooving at Ian Thorpe Aquatic centre.

Tue, 30 May 2023,
posted by City of Sydney

Meet the lovely Maryam.

Originally from Iran and 36 years young, Maryam has been living in Sydney for 18 months and is currently studying a PHD in cancer detection at UTS.

With her background in health and disease she quickly realised the importance of doing regular exercise, not just for your physical health but for mental health too.

Maryam started doing Zumba classes online, and then decided it was time to join a gym.

M: Living in a new city, I really wanted to find people I could connect with and become friends with so I could have a healthy social life.

After a number of recommendations, Maryam decided to try Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and after 8 months, she has never looked back!

They have Zumba classes with the most amazing instructors. I love the class so much, I also do Zumba at Gunyama Park.

This opened a world of opportunities for me when I realised I could try all the different classes. I now do BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK and BODYCOMBAT – anything with moves to music as it is so much fun and so motivating. I also plan to do some swimming.”

What makes Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre your happy place?

As well as the fun classes and professional instructors, Maryam has met some lovely people.

M: The members here are wonderful – I have met many good people and have made many new friends.

Compared to other gyms, ITAC has more professional instructors, the place has wonderful facilities, and the membership has the best value for money.

There aren’t too many centres which have both pools and a gym.

As I am getting married in June, my training will keep me looking and feeling my best for the big day.”

One word to describe ITAC?

M: “Fantastic!”

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