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Summer swimming skills are developed in Winter

Why it’s important to keep your child in the pool during Winter.

Thu, 31 Mar 2022,
posted by City of Sydney

Colder weather is well and truly upon us, and it is also the time when kids often begin to hang up their swimmers, pool toys and swimming abilities, and leave them until next summer. However, we know repetition and consistency is essential when learning a new skill.

Given Sydney’s location and proximity to water, it is vital that all Sydney-siders are taught the fundamentals of water safety. What's even more important is that these skills are maintained all-year-round, and Winter is the perfect time to learn and refine your child's skills in preparation for Summer.

There are several significant benefits to continuing regular swimming lessons during Winter.

Maintain their skills, confidence and progress

In most instances, taking a break often results in a regression of previously established skills. Consistency during Winter ensures your child’s water safety skills continue to progress and advance.

You’ll also see your child’s confidence flourish when it comes to the season of pool parties and family beach days during Summer.

Maintain their health and fitness

With the colder weather, comes a less active lifestyle. Swimming lessons provide your child with a healthy and fun activity to get them out of the house and increase their fitness. Meaning less screen time and more water play!

Consistency is key, and with our Winter swim program delivered within indoor, heated pools there is no risk of the sport being called off due to ‘bad weather’.

Maintain a healthy immune system

Several studies have now busted the myth that swimming in Winter can make you sick. In fact, keeping fit improves your health and boosts the immune system and makes the body resilient to stress and illness.

Our Winter swimming lessons are delivered within indoor heated pools (Also working in mum and dad’s favour when compared to standing on the sidelines in the freezing cold of an outdoor park on an early weekend morning, and then having to wash the muddy footy jersey during the week!)

Maintain routine and a manageable family schedule

With our learn to swim program offered at 3 locations across Sydney during Winter, this offers flexibility and ease of finding a time and day that suits mum and dads schedule.

Too often our swim instructors see children coming back to swimming lessons in the Spring and Summer that have taken a step back in their skills and confidence in, around water. The City of Sydney pools delivers a year-long learn to swim program that ensures all children have the opportunity to advance their skills, and parents have the peace of mind that their child is water safe.

Ongoing Learn to Swim program

The City of Sydney GOswim program, runs for 48 weeks of the year, and is a rolling program, whereby you can join anytime, there’s no need to wait for a new school term. Better yet, our Winter lessons are delivered within several indoor centres across Sydney, including Cook + Phillip Park Pool in Sydney, Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre in Zetland, and Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Ultimo.


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Fast-track School Holiday Intensives

The fast-track school holiday intensive program is an excellent way to accelerate the development of your child's skills during the school holidays. Facilitated as a 1:1 lesson, our instructors ensure your child gets a program personalised to their individual needs and skillset.

The next round of fast-track school holiday intensives are running during the June School Holidays.


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